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Message from Interim Chancellor Jolene Koester

Dear Graduates:

Please accept my warmest and most heartfelt congratulations on achieving a truly momentous goal in your life. You set your sights on earning a degree; and now, that goal is a reality. That is a wondrous accomplishment, and I hope you feel a well-deserved sense of pride.

I hope you are filled with a sense of kinship and gratitude, as well. So many people have given so much to enable your success: faculty who illuminated your academic path; counselors, advisors, librarians, coaches and support staff who fostered an encouraging environment; family, friends, mentors and colleagues who gave their time and treasures to facilitate your journey. As you celebrate your success, please remember to celebrate their support as well.

Unlike any other graduating class, your university experience has been shaped in extraordinary ways by more than two years of a global pandemic. During those years, you have developed and honed attributes that will benefit you for a lifetime. Your resilience and adaptability will become career strengths. Your creativity and resourcefulness will define you. Your courage and determination are, in my eyes, already legendary. While it might have been different than the college experience you envisioned when you started your journey, these years have made you sharper, tougher, brighter and more purpose-driven than ever before.

With this rite of passage we call “commencement,” you will join a dynamic, global network of more than four million California State University alumni. They are a remarkable force for good, and I am certain that your addition will multiply their contributions to our communities, to our state and to the world. I ask that you use the knowledge, skills and personal qualities you have developed to work for justice, to seek opportunities to foster equity, and to always uplift and empower others. Stay connected to your campus and look for ways to give back. Support future generations who aspire to follow in your footsteps.

As you step boldly into your future, I know I speak for every member of the California State University community when I express our collective pride in your perseverance and success. Your resolve shines as a symbol of hope and optimism. Again, congratulations, class of 2022!


Jolene Koester
Interim Chancellor

Interim Chancellor Jolene Koester